web design

How did I get started?

I started in , by building my very first website, using frontpage (html-tables!), just because my internet-package included free webspace (10 megabyte) and I did not want it to go to waste.

I decided to build a website around my three pets, showing of my photos, and telling stories about living in such a chaotic household.

In I decided to redesign and relaunch the site, using html and css.

I thought this to be a good opportunity to really learn html and css (self-taught, just with the help of some good books).

It also allowed me to include more general information and more creative stuff, including photos, since the relaunch came with a lot more webspace. Up until , when I got my dslr (Nikon d100), the photos were scanned diapositives and prints (shot with Nikon f100).

I especially liked the logical, almost mathematical way of designing with html and css.

In after successfully earning my ph.d. in political sciences, I decided to use my html- and css-skills to design my own professional website, www.irisullmann.com (yes - that's the one you are on).

design principles

clean - non cluttered look

My designs reflect my personal taste for clean lines, reduced color palettes and unobtrusive fonts.

I do not only think that such sites look more elegant, more beautiful, I also think they are much easier to use.

The more experienced I got with designing, the more I went for this clean reduced style.


I am convinced that web designers should follow a user friendly approach.

Sites should load quickly even if users are not able to use fast internet access and they should work. It is just frustrating if you try a fancy feature and it results in crushing down your browser.


I always try to build my sites, so that they can be viewed and used without css (read only mode) or read out loud by machine-readers.

They are also tested concerning color-blindness.

control freak

If allowed, I prefer to do all by myself: starting with the concept, writing texts (in German and English), doing illustrations, taking photos, working on the webdesign, administrating the site ...
- it is just not always possible, especially if I work for others.

It's not, that I am not open for input - to the contrary I depend on it. I ask a lot of questions before I start with a concept and even during the design process I come back for feedback. My goal is to create a tailor-made website, that works for both the site's owner and user.

Sometimes I even do some complementary design such as printed invitations, folders ...


Some of the following websites are older and technically not up to date, such as not optimized for mobile devices, yet.

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further interests

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