my interest in photography

is obviously of long standing.

I might not remember the first photo I ever took, but - as you can see on the left, I couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 Years old, when I was already fascinated by my grandfather's camera.

But I distinctly remember that I owned my own compact camera at the age of eight and that I not only liked to take photos but I also liked to scrapbook.

My first SLR-camera, was a Nikon 504s, I was allowed to borrow from my father - and I stayed a Nikon-fan ever since.

I bought my first SLR, having been still a (poor) student, second-hand, a used Nikon F100, my first ever digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix and the camera I now mostly use, was also bought second-hand, a Nikon D100.

my ambition as a photographer

For a long time in my life photography was just part of being creative: I liked to paint, I liked to draw, I liked to sculpt, I liked to write and yes I liked to take photos. It was not an all consuming passion, just part of expressing myself, I wasn't even really interested in the technical aspect of photography.

Today it's different. It's not anymore about myself, it's about telling a story and not my story but the stories I find out there, waiting to be told.

Though, to be honest, I still like to select some of my photos and arrange them, even combine them with texts or sketches - just nowadays it's less about arts and crafts and more about IT, digital layout and fotobooks.

the perfect photo

... shows something real, something that really is, that really counts.

... allows us to relate, to understand and to see.

...teaches us about the world and about ourselves.


"I am not sure I will ever be able to take one.
I am sure I will never cease to try."

further interests

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