focal points

As a photographer I am no woman of all seasons. My photography reflects my personal interest in the living, breathing world. I highly prefer to take pictures of human beings, especially children, interacting with each other and the world and of animals - pets, farm-animals, wildlife alike.

I tend to quietly (though not always patiently) watch - waiting for the right moment to press the release button - never interfering in what's going on.

I normally want to get a real moment and not something posed.

You won't hear the words "say cheese" or "smile" from me.

At formal events I am after the small or hidden gestures of affection, not the glamourous shots.

I prefer natural light, the outdoors and living, breathing beings, being themselves, just going about their own business.

And last but not least, I want to take the picture I am after with my camera and not with the help of digital retouching, recomposing et cetera, on occassion I might do some digital alterations but I almost always know it in advance, for example like taking a picture for christmas cards.


I've always liked children (once upon a time having been one myself) and until today I prefer to take pictures of children. It is not only that they are normally cuter than adults they are also less apprehensive about what they might look like on camera.

Which of course doesn't routinely mean that they are more relaxed in front of a camera or more liable to forget about the more or less strange person photographing them - that depends on age and personality and it depends on my patience and my ability to get them feel at ease.

It helps to let them do something: play with each other, play with a toy, play with a pet, play with mud or clay or water or food - or play hide and seek with me.

The same strategy works for adolescents and adults, too.


Animals are not so much different - the above strategy works for them, either.

Due to the fact that I own pets (though sometimes I'm sure it is the other way round) - a dog, a parrot and a horse - I am used to take a lot of pictures of them. It is not only that they are always there, and are not really allowed to complain (won't stop them though), meaning that I always can exercise my skills as a photographer with them - it is also true that I really like to take pictures of them: I really know them, they really know me, so we are relaxed with each other and I am rather able to predict their behaviour, it est I am able to plan certain pictures.

Taking their photos taught me a lot about lighting different colors (I've got a black dog and a sorrel horse), about shutter speed and the use of speedlights for action shots, backlight-compensation ... .

And I can show the pictures where ever I want without having to ask for permission. That's why you can see a lot of my early pictures of them on my private homepage:

special projects

I tell you more about some of my special endeavours, like photography within a therapeutic setting, etc. under the menu-button projects (top-right).